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L-Arganine 500 mg
For Sexual Health & Muscle Tone

L-Arginine is an amino acid, which improves sexual health and is necessary for the release of the growth hormone from the pituitary gland. It aides in ED and plays a role in the health of the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and blood pressure. Men love this product!


- Helps stimulate production of human growth hormone
- Recommended by many physicians for use for E.D.
- Stimulates T cells
- Guards against heart disease by preventing formulation of plaque
- Promotes physical and mental alertness
- May help lower blood pressure
- Helps body shed fat and build & tone muscle

Suggested Use: Take 1 Capsule 1-3 times daily between meals.

Note: If you have the herpes virus, too much L-Arginine may trigger an outbreak.

Ingredients: One capsule contains: L-Arginine 500mg. 





100 capsules - $19.00

250 capsules - $45.00