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Relaxing Sleep Tonic    
Promotes Relaxation & Restful Sleep

Using  Melatonin . . . but need a little something more? This is for You!

Rhodiola rosea is a remarkable herbs with extraordinary benefits:

Calmative and sedative, which helps with nervousness, restlessness, anxiety, & stress.
Promotes restful and natural sleep   without the drugged “out of loop” feeling.

Proprietary extract blend:
Valerian rhizome with rootlet
Passionflower flowering tip
Hops strobile
Chamomile flower
Catnip leaf & flowering tip

Great For All Ages!

In a recent study students receiving Rhodiola extract vs. a placebo reported significant improvement in physical fitness, mental performance and general wellbeing. Also, reduced mental fatigue, improved sleep patterns, greater mood stability and a greater motivation to study.

“I have my college son on Rhodiola and he loves it!
It has dramaticall enhanced his study abilities and stamina." - Barbara Hoffman


Suggested Use:
30 - 40 drops in a little juice or water 

Certified organic grain alcohol, distilled water, vegetable glycerin and Rhodiola extractives


Price $14.50
Size: 1 fl oz.