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Melatonin 3 mg Sublingual    
Promotes Positive Sleep/Wake Cycles

Melatonin 3 mg Sublingual can help to provide a more restful and natural sleep without any drowsy side-effects that sometimes result from taking chemically produced pharmaceutical sleep aids.

● Promotes positive sleep/wake cycles
● Good sleep helps other hormones stay in balance & can positively affect weight loss efforts
● May improve SAD (seasonal affect disorder)
● Helps shift workers adjust to new sleep patterns
● Has anti-aging properties
● Improves tinnitus
● May improve behavioral symptoms in dementia patients
● Aids cluster headaches
● Quickly dissolves under tongue and utilized by the body

“I love this product! I have tried many other melatonin products, and this one is my all-time favorite if you like a pill rather than cream…a trustworthy vendor and a great price!” – Barbara Hoffman, Naturopath

Instructions: Dissolve 1 tablet under the tongue once daily, at bedtime.

Ingredients: Each tablet contains: 3 mg Melatonin


Price: $14.00

Size: 90 sublingual tablets