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Super Adrenal Stress Formula
Multi-Vitamin / Minerals For Support During Adrenal Fatigue & Stress

People experiencing stress, whether it is just the daily grind, relationship problems, or a recent illness, often feel tired (especially in the morning), irritable and less able to cope with challenges at work and home.

Supporting the adrenal glands is the key to maintaining well-being during times of stress. The adrenals respond to every stress by producing and secreting hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. During times of stress the demand for these hormones increase dramatically. The nutrient reserves in the adrenal glands can become depleted, contributing to adrenal fatigue.

Are you suffering from low adrenal function: Lack of energy, fatigue, inability to handle stress, feeling run down, hair loss, reliance on caffeine, facial hair, low libido, etc?  Super Adrenal Stress Formula can help maintain healthy adrenal function and contribute to overall good health and vitality during times of stress.

● Individuals experiencing stress or adrenal fatigue usually notice a difference within a few days
   to 1-2 weeks.
● Replenishes depleted nutrients needed for improved adrenal function
● Provides steady energizing effect
● Sustained Release for optimal absorption & utilization
● Contains specific forms and ratios of nutrients that enhance energy, support healthy adrenal
   hormone production, and facilitate other biochemical processes involved in stress – without
   over-stimulating your system

"I created Super Adrenal Stress Formula™ to provide an optimal combination of the specific nutrients essential for: 1) supporting adrenal function during times of stress and 2) promoting normal adrenal hormone production. It works to provide optimal support for those experiencing stress or adrenal fatigue.* The results have been fantastic!" ~ Dr. James L. Wilson 

Suggested Use: Take 1 caplet 3-5 times per day (1 upon rising, 1 at noon and 1 before bed; 1 additional caplet may be taked up to 2 times throughout the day if desired).



Developed by Dr. James Wilson, America's Leading Expert in Adrenal Fatigue, Drawing from 30 Years of Research & Clinical Work



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Size: 90 caplets

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