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Bleaching Serum Forte
Triple formula of Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Vitamin A in a gel base.

For individuals with Melasma can use this cream to help even out the skin's pigmentation. Hydroquinone in combination with Kojic Acid, gradually fades brown skin discolorations.
Prevents melanocytes from producing pigment. Lightens complexion, evens tone.


- Skin lightener
- Gradually fades brown skin


Begin with once or twice a week, then move up treatment to between once and twice a day as skin adapts. Using fingertips apply over desired area 1 to 2 times daily.
Allow the product to dry for a minute or two prior to applying anything over it. Make up can be applied over dried Bleaching Serum Forte. 
Must be used in conjunction with a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher because the cellular regeneration process makes the dermis more susceptible to sun damage.

Hydroquinone U.S.P. 2%; Kojic Acid 2%; Padimate O 4%, SD-40 Alcohol, Propylene Glycol; Purified Water; Hydroxylpropylcellulose.

Note: It is very important that you use a day cream with 15% SPF when you are using these exfoliating products as the renewed skin will be unprotected if you do not.


- Skin lightener
- Gradually fades brown skin

“I have very oily skin and ever since having kids I've been fighting dark spots. I love this product because it seems to not only be helping with my oily skin and breakouts but also correcting my dark spots. I definitely have fewer breakouts and I've noticed the dark spots getting lighter since I started using it.”
- Jessica P.

Price: $63.00

Size: 1 oz.