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Adrenal C Formula
Special Vitamin C Formula for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Stress dramatically increases the need for vitamin C, especially in the adrenal glands. Adrenal C Formula is a vitamin C complex uniquely designed by Dr. Wilson for stress and adrenal fatigue, and is also a superior vitamin C supplement for general everyday use.

Adrenal C Formula delivers a steady, sustained release supply of the highest quality vitamin C (ascorbic acid), bioflavonoids and specific mineral ascorbates needed by the body to function optimally and recover faster during stress. Bioflavonoids, in the optimum 1:2 ratio with vitamin C, enhance the biological activity of the vitamin C and help protect the body, especially the adrenal glands, from oxidative damage that occurs during stress. The minerals help buffer and balance the acidity of the vitamin C and support the metabolic pathways that produce adrenal hormones necessary to the ability to handle and recover from stress. Dr. Wilson created Adrenal C Formula because he couldn’t find any vitamin C product that met the specific needs of people who are under stress or who are experiencing adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal C Formula especially for people who have stressful lives. Adrenal C Formula is an excellent choice for someone currently under stress or who has experienced prolonged/intense stress in the past, is recovering from illness or trauma, or experiencing adrenal fatigue. Adrenal C Formula is a top quality vitamin C supplement that is uniquely complete. It is also a superior source of vitamin C for anyone who takes supplemental vitamin C already or who would like to increase their daily vitamin C intake.

- Bioflavonoids in amounts that optimally enhance effectiveness of vitamin C

- Optimum amount of vitamin C your body can readily utilize
- Sustained release to minimize loss and maximize amount in your cells where it’s used
Buffered with minerals to reduce excess acidity of vitamin C
Specific calming trace minerals that support adrenal function and antioxidant formation

Suggested Use:
1-3 caplets daily



Developed by Dr. James Wilson, America's Leading Expert in Adrenal Fatigue, Drawing from 30 Years of Research & Clinical Work



Price $30.00
Size: 90 caplets

(Cannot be sold to AUSTRAILIA or NEW ZEALAND)