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Barbara's Archived Daystar Appearences

Health Panel pt. 1
Have health questions? This show is full of answers! Barbara joins a panel of health experts to answer YOUR questions about a wide range of topics…cancer, arthritis, hormones, depression, etc.


Health Panel pt. 2
Barbara joins Dr. Francisco Contreras, Joni, and her friends as they debunk breast cancer myths, talk about hormones, and answer your health questions. 

Pregnancy & Progesterone
Barbara joins Joni and her friends in discussing healthy pregnancy, birth control, their side effects. Find out what's safe, what's not, and how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Hormone Health
Barbara talks about hormones for men & women. Joni and her friends discus the myths and truths behind synthetic and bio-identical hormones. Hear personal testimonials AND scientific studies and natural alternatives that you'll love! 

Balance Those Crazy Hormones
Join hormone expert Barbara, Joni, and her friends as they discuss how to transition into menopause without suffering from such symptoms as fatigue, osteoporosis, hot flashes, sleepless nights and more.


What's Your Skin Issue? There Is Help!
This show is all about skin care! Join Barbara as she helps 3 women, who have different skin types, with thier skin care challenges. Joni and her friends discuss acne, dry skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles and more!

Hormones & Skin Care
Barbara discusses hormone and skin care, how they're related and how you can look AND feel great at ay age! This group discusses everything from hot flashes & mood swings to wrinkles & acne.