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Eat Yourself Slender
Success Stories!


"Dear Barbara, I am on the ‘Eat Yourself Slender’ so my eating habits have drastically changed . . . hence the 8lbs. lost! I am feeling GREAT, exercising, and eating properly. Thank you!"
~ Mary P., KS



“I have read your book ''Eat yourself slender'' and have lost about 25 pounds!  I'm so excited about the weight”
~ Donna S., AL

"Please tell Barbara that I sent her book, Eat Yourself Slender as a gift to my friend who is overcoming cancer. She has gone from a size 24 to 18 since the first of March! She is doing so well! Thank you so much!"
~ Frances O., CA


"Since October I have lost and maintained a 22 pound weight loss.  Thanks to you.  I saw u on Joni Lamb table talk and ordered your prohelp hormone creme and your book Eat Yourself Slender.  I am 45 years old, female, and was getting fat around my stomach.  7 years ago I tested high cholesterol, high blood sugar level, told I was obese, at risk for developing diabetes. I tried dieting before, working out but unable to maintain. Reading your book Eat Yourself Slender connected the dots for me and realized I was doing everything wrong.  I cut out sugar and bad carbs and was surprised I didn't miss it.  I started eating the foods you suggested, and started taking supplements you suggested. 
The weight around my stomach decreased quickly.  Now, 5 months after following your book my cholesterol level and blood sugar level is normal, for the first time since I started menstruating I'm no longer anemic. 
Others at work have noticed the weight loss and have asked me how I lost weight, so they are reading your book also.  Thanks to you I have made a lifestyle change I love and can live with. 

~ Joy F. TX


"Barbara- Feeling very thankful for you today! I appreciate your quality products being offered at such affordable prices! I started your Eat Yourself Slender plan in November and have watched the stubborn belly & back fat melt away. That's something I couldn't accomplish with exercise and dieting. I've gone from a size seven to a three, by eating foods that I love. You are an encouragement every time I watch you on YouTube. Thanks again!"

~ Candace R., PA



"I'm going to continue as well! I've lost 5 pounds and feel great!"
~ Jenn A., NJ


"Still reading your "Eat Yourself Slender" Book (which I love) and started the plan on Monday of this week. Already lost 2 lbs. Woo Hoo!"
~ Kay H., MN


"I have lost 6 pounds! I am sticking with it! Thanks!"
~ Nancy G., OH


"Thankful for your encouragment and "Eat Yourself Slender" plan. Managed to carve off some substantia; weight last week and still enjoy a lot of good food."

~ Kay H., WA


"Hello Barbara! I enjoyed reading "Eat Yourself Slender", and have lost 4 lbs so far!     It's amazing! My intense carb cravings at night have disappeared. Everyone is asking what I am doing, I tell them about your book!"

~ Holly H., FL