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Hair, Skin & Nails Plus Formula
Deeply Nourishing Formula for Strong & Healthy Tissues

Provides special bioavailable forms and optimal proportions of essential nutrients for healthy tissue formation. Formulated with the most bioavailable form of iron, Ferronyl™ and other nutrients that are carefully selected for the greatest safety and effectiveness. Helps facilitate and fortify the fundamental biochemical reactions needed to produce the very best tissues possible for strong, healthy hair, skin and nails.

Take Hair, Skin and Nails Plus Formula consistently for a minimum of 3 months to give the newly nourished tissues time to emerge and visibly replace the old ones. Hair grows at the rate of about 1/2" to 3/4" per month, so after 1 month the 1/2" to 3/4" of new growth should be visible. The fingernails take at least 3 months to replace themselves. Skin cells multiply fast but the new layer of skin must work itself up from the bottom of the multilayered inner dermis to replace the surface epidermis. After 3 months compare the old with the newly emerging hair, skin and nails and see and feel the difference for yourself.

Suggested Use:  Take 2 capsules two times daily with meals. Consistent use will produce the best results.


"Many factors, including stress, can rob the hair, skin and nails of the nutrients they need to look good.
I created this deeply nourishing formulas to help some of my patients improve the fundamental quality of their nails, skin and hair. The results have been so dramatic, I wanted to make it available to everyone!"

~ Dr. James Wilson, American's leading expert in Adrenal Fatigue 

Price $35.00
Size: 100 capsules