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Products for PMS / Mood


ProHELP Moisture Treatment Cream (2 oz.)

A transdermal natural progesterone creme formulated with 1000 mg of USP Micronized, Standardized Progesterone. Formulated for women of any age with PMS, perimenopause or menopausal symptoms.
Still Menstruating? Choose This Creme



Good Mood
(1 fl oz.)

Liquid Herbal Tonic for Anxiety & Depression
This unique liquid blend of St. John's Wort, Ashwagandha Root, Skullcap Flowering Herb, and Prickly Ash Bark are helpful in alleviating depression, anxiety, stress, restlessness and sleeplessness. These herbs also have mild sedative (calming), antispasmodic and muscle relaxant properties without the "drowsy" feeling. Promotes a positive & healthy emotional balance. READ MORE


L-Tyrosine 500 mg
(100 capsules)

Increase Energy, Elevate Mood, Aid Weight Loss
L-Tyrosine helps the brain to produce adequate amounts of the neurotransmitters
L-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. If the levels of these neurotransmitters are insufficient, feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritability and frustration can result. Dopamine helps suppress appetite and reduce body fat, so individuals with insufficient levels of this neurotransmitter may find they are gaining weight or struggling to lose it.  


Rodex Forte 
(90 capsules)

For Stress, Mood Swings, Depression & Low Energy
Rodex Forte is a time released formula designed to help with stress, mood swings, depression, and energy. Formulated with Vitamin B6 150 mg, Vitamin B12 200 mcg, and Folic Acid 800 mcg. READ MORE

Sug. Retail $26.00

Vitex Chasteberry Extract
(90 vegi caps)
For Uterine Fibroids, Healthy Periods, PMS, Infertility
& Hormone Balance
Vitex works through the hypothalamus-pituitary axis by encouraging the production of progesterone & restoring estrogen/progesterone balance. Vitex increases luteinizing hormone (LH) production while mildly inhibiting the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), leading to an indirect increase in progesterone and normalization of prolactin levels. Clinical studies using vitex show it to be helpful in reducing uterine fibroids, headaches, breast tenderness, bloating, fatigue, cravings for sweets and feelings of anxiety, irritability, depression, mood swings, hot flashes, & teenage acne.



Zinc Citrate 50 mg
(60 tablets) 
For Healthy Mood, Immune, & Hormone Function
Zinc is a trace mineral that is important for healthy functioning of all organs. 
Zinc-dependent enzymes are involved in growth, immunity, and tissue renewal. Zinc is especially important for healthy functioning of the prostate and the male reproductive system.




(60 capsules) 
Supports Natural Hormone Balance for All Female Concerns
For balanced estrogen and progesterone levels to support breast health and to help detoxify the body of environmental toxins. 
With Indole-3-Carbinol. 
For balanced hormones, healthy breasts, effortless cycles, and PMS support. 


50 mg&100 mg 
(60 scored tablets)

Balances Hormones, Improves Mental Clarity
Pregnenolone is a balancing hormone and precursor to other hormones. It has the ability to adjust other hormone levels to a more normal state. Use if you want to improve & enhance memory and mental clarity, mood, youthful vigor & vitality, and for balancing hormones. 

(Cannot be sold to CANADA)

Pregnenolone 50

Pregnenolone 100