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Pro-HELP Moisture Treatment Creme
Transdermal Bio-Identical Natural Progesterone Creme          No Soy!

ProHELP is a transdermal natural progesterone creme formulated with USP Micronized, Standardized Progesterone in the 2 oz. jar. Our natural progesterone is derived from the Mexican Wild Yam Root and converted using pressure and heat into a Bio-Identical molecule of Progesterone (identical to the progesterone that is produced by the human body). Therefore, there are no negative side effects or harmful ingredients in our creme.

Progesterone is the "feel good" hormone and can help alleviate symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and menopause. This product can be used by any woman, age 10-100, menstruating or non-menstruating, hysterectomy or no hysterectomy.


Main Benefits of Natural Progesterone
According to Researchers, Doctors & Customers

More energy & stamina                                
Less confusion & "foggy mind"

Better memory                             

PMS symptoms reduced or eliminated

Menopause symptoms reduced or eliminated

Healthier & more youtful skin

Balanced moods & fewer mood swings

Normalization of weight

Less depression

Less anxiety

Better muscle definition

Better sleep

Balances estrogen dominace

Relieve cramping

Lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone)

Builds new bone

Nourishes / Protects the brain

Can lower triglycerides / protects the heart

Can decrease blood pressure


Choose this product if you have any of the following symptoms:

• PMS                          • Breast Tenderness           
• Irregular cycles          • Hormonal Migraines

Heavy Bleeding         • Inability to concentrate      Severe cramping       • Dry hair or skin
Fibrocystic breasts    Insomnia                           Mood swings              • Facial Hair

Irritability                    Depression                       Anxiety                       Uterine Fibroids

Ovarian Cysts            Hair Loss                          Weight Gain               

 Thyroid Problems       • Infertility                            Osteoporosis / Osteopenia 



Ingredients: USP Micronized Progesterone, Extracts of Wild Yam, Red Raspberry, Dandelion Root and Leaf, Aloe Vera, Essential Oils, Lecithin, Chamomile Extract, Rosemary Extract, Purified Water.

Note: Each 1/4 tsp contains the physiological recommended dose of USP Micronized
Bio-identical Progesterone.

Suggested Use:
Menstruating Women (including Peri-menopause) apply 1/4 tsp twice daily. Count first day of menstrual flow as day 1 and use the creme on day 12-26 (for 14 days total). Repeat Monthly.  Dose may be increased for more severe symptoms.

Click Here for Irregular Cycles Instructions

Non-menstruating Women apply 1/4 tsp twice daily for 25 days straight, then take a 3-5 day break. Repeat monthly. Dose may be increased for more severe menopausal symptoms. 

Best areas of application are where the skin is thin and where you can see veins / capillaries (Inner arms, wrists, palms of hands, neck, face, upper chest, inner thighs, behind the back of the knee, or arches of feet). Rotate the areas of application monthly.

"A few years ago I was put on synthetic birth control to help with my very heavy period due to being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I started feeling AWFUL... anxiety / panic attacks, depression, insomnia, all of which I have never had EVER prior to birth control. I felt worse than I ever had in my life, no energy and I would get night sweats & hot flushes! I felt like I was going through menopause and I am only 25! I went to stay with my mom and get to the bottom of what was going on because I can honestly say I would have ended up killing myself. Luckily my mom was reading a book about hormones and suggested we get my hormone levels checked. My progeterone was near non existence and although I had little estrogen, I was definitely estrogen dominant. I started taking natural progesterone cream and I would say after a week I was sleeping and dreaming like I used to and no more panic attacks or burning up. When I went home, my boyfriend noticed the difference in me and said 'It's nice to have you back.' Bioidentical hormones gave me my life back!" ~ Ganae





"ProHELP creme has been an answer to prayer and a desperate cry to the Lord for help with my severe menstral / menopausal problems & pain. ProHELP has revolutionized my menstral cycle and my LIFE! Thank you for your products & your ministry!" ~ S.E., CA

"I had been suffering from depression, complete with frequent daily crying jags, but I didn't want to take prescription drugs and was searching for natural remedies. Fortunately I saw Barbara Hoffman on a talk show speaking about progesterone creams, so I bought some. Within a few days I was no longer crying! A week or two later the depression was all but gone! Its been six months and thankfully I am actually enjoying life! Pinch Me!"
~ Tray

“I have used many different progesterone crèmes and this is by far the best product I have ever used. It has a very nice and mellow scent. It is not sticky, greasy, or gritty like other crèmes I have tried. Thank you for making this product affordable. I hope you never take it off the market. Also, compliments to your staff. Everyone I have talked to has been so nice and has answered all my questions. Thank you for such great service!” ~ V.F., WA

“I have used 2 jars of ProHELP and now I have no more anxiety. It has completely disappeared and this is such a big deal for me. I am so grateful.”
~ T.L., Breman WA

"I have had problems with fibroid tumors for many years but since I have been using the progesterone cream the fibroids have shrunk tremendously. I must also say that I am 50 years of age and I have lost almost two sizes since using the cream." ~ S. Benson

"Natural progesterone has worked for me! I’m 48 years old and peri-menopausal. It has helped my sex drive, has helped my hair to stop falling out, and regulated my periods. I’m sleeping better, I’m happier, and I feel BALANCED!" ~A.J. Peoria, AZ

"I have been using the ProHELP for about 6 months. I saw Barbara on the Joni Lamb (Daystar) Show and I thank God for bringing ProHELP into my life. I am totally not there yet but I am feeling so much better. I am not as hungry and I am more calm. My hot flashes are fewrer and I am not as forgetful. Thank you!"
~ M.A., FL

Price $23.00
Size: 2 oz. Jar

More Testimonials:

"After 8 years of waiting for a baby. I started using the ProHELP and I am finally pregnant! I could not be more happy!" ~ Hattie B.

"My DOCTOR actually told me to use the ProHELP creme!" ~ Debra C.

"Dear Barbara, I wanted to let you know that I have been using the ProHELP for 1 month and I feel 100% better. I have more energy, lost some weight, no more bloat or nausea, and no more popping pain medication every time I have a cycle. This month I sailed through my cycle with no problems. I'm even working in the garden with my hubby again. He says "I think I married my dream girl" Bless You!" - Deborah L.

"I've been using your ProHELP for about 1 week. WOW! What a difference. I feel awesome, full of energy and not so 'crankly'. LOL!" - Debbie R.

"Over the last 7 years, I have probably tried 8 different progesterone cremes. None of them measure up. None of them made me feel better. But not your ProHELP! I already feel better. I can already feel a difference in my brain, my thinking, especially my hair, skin, & energy levels. It really is the "feel good hormone". Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for developing this cream. THANK YOU!" ~ Mary E.

"I wanted to let you know, I have used 3 - 1/4th tsp so far and it has kicked in right away!. I feel energy like I haven't in a long time. AND I slept through the whole night . . . I haven't done that in a while. So far SO GOOD!" ~ Charlene P. 

just got the ProHELP Creme and I swear it has made me feel good already!!! I am more giggly, free-er and jokey. Thank God for using you to make a difference in the lives of so many women. Our bodies are going to change as we age, but it sure does help to know that we do not have to suffer through it." ~ Irene

"In five days my health went from horrible to fabulous just by using ProHELP. I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my legs as well as my neck and shoulders. Like a miracle cure, all of the pain in my body disappeared. My legs feel strong as oxes, my congestion is gone and PMS is no longer a threat to others. My adrenal fatigue has disappeared also and that low blood sugar is no longer a problem. Are you kidding me? I mean, who would have ever guessed that a progesterone cream could do everything it has done for me? I swear it is like a miracle.  It seems progesterone has an effect on many of the body's functions, not just the reproductive system. No doctor ever questioned my hormone levels as being the source of my pain and weakness and I spent a lot of money trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I am so happy beacause I believe the key to our good health is found primarily in products found naturally. ProHELP has proven this to be true." ~ Bonnie

"I am 82 years old and when I came down with pneumonia and was bedridden the progesterone cream really helped me with my mood. Instead of thinking about the grave, I thought, 'I need to get up and get some people saved!'" ~ Patricia

"I have used many different progesterone crémes and this is by far the best product I have ever used. It has a very nice and mellow scent. It is not sticky, greasy, or gritty like other crémes I have tried. Thank you for making this product affordable. I hope you never take it off the market. Also, compliments to your staff. Everyone I have talked to has been so nice and has answered all my questions. Thank you for such great service!" ---- V.F., WA     

"I have used 2 jars of ProHELP and now I have no more anxiety. It has completely disappeared and this is such a big deal for me. I am so grateful." ---- T.L., Breman WA 

"Since using the ProHELP I have such an improvement in my incontinence problem. My constant urge to urinate has ceased. I feel normal again." ---- J.A., CA 

"I have had problems with fibroid tumors for many years but since I have been using the progesterone cream the fibroids have shrunk tremendously.  I must also say that I am 50 years of age and I have lost almost two sizes since using the cream." ----S. Benson

"This créme is tremendous!  I'm doing my thesis and was having problems focusing.  Progesterone has restored my mental clarity!"----D.B.

"Hello Barbara, I am only 33 years old. I have been having trouble with have a period. I have been taking Medroxyprogesterone for about 5 months. And I used your creme just twice and I got my period. I am so happy about that. And I was also having problems with ovulating and a very low sex drive. I just want to let you know that your creme is working. Thank you!!"----Eloise

"I have had a long history of heavy bleeding during my cycle and I learned to just live with it. I read that heavy bleeding can be caused by estrogen dominance and I started using progesterone créme. No more heavy bleeding! It makes me feel happy and I feel like I'm perfect again. I'm balanced! For anyone who is having this problem, I highly recommend the use of natural progesterone. I used a little more than 1/4 teaspoon twice daily from day 10 thru 26 of my cycle. In 3 months I was back to normal!"----G.C.

I started using ProHELP progesterone créme 2 months ago because of heavy monthly bleeding. I think it was due to all the stress in my life causing my hormones to be completely unbalanced. It has helped me tremendously; I feel like a new person...AND my libido is back!----A.R. 

"I was amazed at the changes I quickly received from using Progesterone Creme. Calmness, peace, able to sleep and my mind lost its fuzziness, which is such a blessing."

"Progesterone Créme is wonderful and has helped me tremendously. I refer it to everyone I know. A million thanks for hearing from God, obeying, researching and helping women everywhere."

"I'm 88 years old. I have had excellent results from Progesterone Créme."

"I feel like my body is thanking me every day for going onto natural Progesterone. My PMS symptoms are gone and my breasts are no longer tender. AND my family says I am nice again."

"I haven't had one migraine headache since I started using progesterone créme."

"I have lost 12 pounds in the past 6 months and I have not changed my eating habits. I know it is the progesterone. I'm not feeling bloated and swollen and my clothes look so good on me."

"I got pregnant and saw the pregnancy all the way through. I've had 3 previous miscarriages."

"My husband is so thankful. I am back to my old self, if you know what I mean! No more "honey, I've got a headache."

"Ten years ago, at age 42, I began having symptoms of menopause. My ob-gyn assured me I was too young, and recommended birth control pills. I started researching alternative methods and chanced upon information on natural progesterone cream. I had night sweats, hot flashes, heart palpitations, depression and hadn't slept through the night for 18 months. I walked into a health food store on vacation and asked a clerk if she had heard of natural progesterone cream. She directed me to Dr. John Lee's cream and recommended his book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause". I started using the cream and within three days most of my symptoms had disappeared. Within two weeks, all symptoms were gone and I was sleeping through the night. I believe natural progesterone cream saved my life and my sanity. I've made it my mission to tell every woman near or over 50 about natural progesterone cream. God bless Dr. John Lee for going against common medical practices, and helping thousands of women lead healthier and more productive lives before, during and after menopause."----G.C.

"I read somewhere that natural progesterone could increase bone density by about 3% per year. I have been using it for one year and have had a 15% increase in the year's time!----J.W.

"I have always had problems with my period. I have had to stay home from work because of heavy bleeding during my cycles. I did not have cramping, just heavy, heavy bleeding and a feeling like something was whirling inside of me. It was so uncomfortable and the bleeding was both scary and embarrassing. After using progesterone cream for just four months, I feel like I have had a miracle. I now do not even know that my cycle is coming on. It truly is a miracle for me. ----S.M., West Virginia

"I have had a hormone imbalance all of my life.  Among my many symptoms was embarrassing facial hair and heavy menstrual cramps. I purchased some natural progesterone creme about 2 months ago. Now, after just 2 months of using it, I have seen a decrease in the facial hair. More importantly, my menstrual cramps have almost disappeared!---- G.G. Houston, TX

"I am 61 years old and have had no waist line for a while now. I always feel very bloated and sluggish. I have used natural progesterone créme for 1 month now and my waist line is back! I can feel my body going down every day. Also, my energy is rising. I want to share this with everyone who is thinking of trying natural progesterone. It has really done wonders for me. I'm sure I was estrogen dominant and this did the trick."---- Mrs. F. Indianapolis, IN

"I have had terrible insomnia for 5 years. I began using natural progesterone creme and in just 11 days I began sleeping totally through the night."

"My husband was chuckling because he said I was snoring and I got up to go to the bathroom and after I got back in bed, within 5 minutes I was snoring again. Usually I would not be able to go back to sleep at all after waking up. I don't know what I ever did without this cream! I've suffered for 5 years. Thank you...."---- M.L., Oklahoma

"I am a 54 yr. old post-menopause girl who didn't believe in hormone replacement therapy, and was also afraid of it because we have strong cancer genes on both sides. I've struggled thru without any meds whatsoever, and I was getting very down and out. I was existing and that was about it. I would push myself to work, get home, and that's where I wanted to stay."

"I have withdrawn from the social world, from my kids and from intimacy with my husband. I lost interest in my home, my pets, and my hobbies."

"I've lost the ability to organize anything in my life. I was tired and in pain all the time from osteoarthritis. But, recently I ordered ..... progesterone. I've only been using it for a few days and already I can get out of the chair without much pain. I can feel the pain subsiding in my knees and feet. I am feeling better as a person and I think this remedy was sent to me thru God."---- D.B. Inez, KY

"I was diagnosed with osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis). I began using progesterone cream daily. In about 6 months, I went to a normal bone density!"---- G.K. Louisville, KY

"Natural progesterone has worked for me! I have been using it since February, 2003 and it is a godsend. I'm 48 years old and peri-menopausal. It has helped my sex drive, has helped my hair to stop falling out, and regulated my periods. I'm sleeping better, I'm happier, and I feel BALANCED!"---- A.J. Peoria, AZ

"I've been using progesterone cream for 2 1/2 months. When I began to use it, I immediately felt calmer. Prior to using the cream, I was very edgy, irritable, almost razor "sharp". Now people actually want to talk to me again! Also, I used to have a lot of aches and pains in my body and they are 90% gone. I really recommend giving natural progesterone a try!"---- D. NH

"I just want you to know that the natural progesterone creme I am using helped our whole church. I would have hot flashes so often in church that our priest would watch me and turn the air conditioner to "colder". They called me the "Church flasher" . I am down to one or 2 flashes a day and I really am more relaxed. I am in my late 60's. I took myself off the estrogen that I had been taking for thirty years. It just did not seem the right thing to do at my age. The cream is blessed. Thank you from all my congregation who began wearing sweaters to keep from freezing. The Texas Flasher ... not anymore!"---- J.W.

"I recently was blessed to hear about natural progesterone creme. I have been very emotional from January 2005 until now June 2005. I went to the medical doctor and I was informed to take hormone replacement therapy. I cried for sometime and became depressed because I am 44 years old and have 2 small children and thought "no this is not what I want for my life". In short, I bought natural progesterone creme and I have found life much happier. I even started my menses after 5 months without one."---- CJ. F.

"I've been using natural progesterone creme for several months now. My husband asks me periodically if I have plenty. He says I should never run out of it again! I was out for weeks once and he really saw a difference. I'm very happy with it. I never want to take artificial hormones. I tell everyone about it. Some people think I'm crazy, but those who've tried it love it."---- V.Y.

"I recently ordered the natural progesterone cremes. My sister was the 1st one to start using her creme and she was so surprised at how fast it worked, that night when she use it, there was no night sweats, the next day she used it and also saw remarkable results and she thanked me for once again "always finding unusual things that work". What a wonderful feeling of gratefulness she expressed just because she was once again feeling like herself, fortunately for her, she refused hormone treatments & sought another alternative, but not like the progesterone creme. I use the natural progesterone according to the directions and the suggested days of my cycle, I did see tremendous results, along with already increasing the amount of water consumed and my change in diet by eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, sodium consumption was always under control by me. So this creme was the icing on the cake! Praise God!!"---- R.M.