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Retin-AL Age Defying Serum           
Collagen & Elastin Boosting Anti-Wrinkle Formula

Contains Matrixyl Peptide Complex: as effective as Retinol without irritation.

Retin-AL contains Matrixyl, a peptide complex with amino acids which help stimulate and support the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans that are important for the skin matrix. It helps to restore the appearance of aging skin and enhances the skin firmness and elasticity.

A major 6-month Anti-wrinkle Study revealed that Matrixyl (contained in our Retin-AL) decreased wrinkle density by up to 68%. The study showed a 50% decrease in wrinkle depth, a 68% decrease in wrinkle density and a 24% decrease in wrinkle volume in just 6 months.

"Matrixyl can penetrate the skin, reaching the vital under-layers. Look for this ingredient."  Eric Braverman, M.D., Author of "Younger (Thinner) You Diet

“Researchers have shown that Matrixyl can promote skin rejuvenation, reverse skin damage, increase skin’s firmness, and improve texture. Use nightly!” 
Barbara Hoffman


• Reduction of the appearance of wrinkle depth and volume
 Increased collagen and elastin production
 Elasticity restored, skin lifts and firms
 Peptides activate cell turn-over
 Promotes brightness and clarity
 Improves hydration
 Reduction of roughness (skin becomes softer)


Suggested Use: Apply several drops to skin after cleansing. Use nightly before night cream.
Note: This is a powerful serum and just a little will give you the result you desire.

Active Ingredient:  Active Ingredient: Matrixyl Peptide Complex


"I had some laser done around my mouth that left really red skin. I used a bleaching cream that did not work. But your Retin-AL has totally cleared up the red. I'm so happy about that! Thank you for such a great product." ~ Cheryl in Nevada

"This serum makes an excellent nighttime treatment! Especially if you are over the age of 40." ~ Barbara Hoffman


1oz. dropper bottle