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Testron SX                                   
For Energy, Libido & Muscle Health       FOR MEN & WOMEN

A natural androgen support that promotes sexual quality of life. Contains Tribulus Terrestis, Nettle Root and Muira Puama to enhance libido naturally.

Testron SX was designed to provide a full compliment of enzyme-activated herbs, which work synergistically to promote virility and sexual satisfaction in both men and women.

● Safe and natural libido enhancer
● Contains 750 mg of standardized Tribulus Terrestis per serving
● Can increase muscle mass even without weight lifting
● May increase potency & strength of errections
● Promote a higher level of physical function
● Natural aphrodisiac

In order to keep fit and healthy, some of the most active men—athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world—rely on TestronSX.

"When I take Testron SX, my muscles stay firmer and look more fit, even when I am lax and do not exercise. Now THAT'S a great result."  ~ Barbara Hoffman

Suggested Use: Take 1 caplet twice daily. An additional caplet may be taken 1 hour before sexual activity or exercise. Do not exceed 6 caplets per day.


 Price  $25.00

Size: 60 caplets